Bogardus Handbags founder Anneke Cunningham started creating her handbags in 2014, after graduating from The Parsons School of Design, in Manhattan. "After leaving school, I had so many requests for one of the handbags that I had presented for my final collection, that I thought, why not make a few over the summer and see how they do. The pieces that were made that summer, sold faster then I could re-make them. It was such an exciting time!" Anneke quickly moved the majority of her production to a small, high-end, manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, NY.  "All I wanted was to make awesome handbags, with an authentic story, for anyone who loved Accessories as much as I do."  The Bogardus Handbag is a moderne, textural, eco-friendly, Brooklyn made product. 

We strive to present our customers with quality, environmentally aware, life-long handbags, that they are proud to carry and tell their friends about. Knowing where each element of a Bogardus Handbag comes from, where it was designed, and produced is extremely important in this day and age if we, as people, want to know what goes into our everyday products.